Auto Body Software

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase CC3 Autobody Software For Your Shop !

  • Say "Hasta La Vista" to the copier and Hello to the paperless scanned RO file.
  • Say Good Bye to Lost parts and Hello to new found organization. Print a label for every part.
  • CC3 has no monthly fees or paper contracts. What's with the contracts and monthly fees the other guys charge ?
  • Integrated accounting built just for autobody shops doesn't slow you down like Quackbooks does.
  • CCT has been at it 19 years, here today, here tomorrow.

TOP 5 Things To Look For in Auto Body Shop Software & Jobcosting

  • Integrated Accounting - it means no Quickbooks
  • Power to the People ! All features included for one price, no module games, you get the full deal.
  • Tech Support that has the right answers 24/7/365 .
  • Shop Productivity tools like Tablet Apps.
  • Detailed Job Costing Line by Line means profit.
Auto Body Management System


Let's be honest, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, ... it's probably a duck.  Quickbooks wasn't designed for the Collision Industry, dosn't look like it belongs in a body shop, and can't do jobcosting like body shops need jobcosting done.  If some guy in a tie tells you Quackbooks isn't a duck, well you better be careful, because he's selling you a duck.  CC3 has been around for almost 20 years now, looking and doing what body shop software should look like and do.  Fast, Accurate, Accounting & Jobcosting designed for the body shop ... we make no apologies.

If price were the same everyone would prefer OEM parts over Aftermarket.  The same is true with management systems using aftermarket Quackbooks in a body shop.  Does general purpose software really fit the body shop industry ?  You want Original Equipment Manufactured software built for the challenge of body shop jobcosting, made to work right and fit your business so you can make money, not lose money wasting time trying to force it to work right.  Try returning a part with a management system that uses Quackbooks - there is no Credit Memo Ledger.  Or how about trying to collect money using Quickbooks Receivable module, gee if Quackbooks could cross reference to the header of the Closed RO, it would make it easier to collect the money owed to you, allowing you to access insurance and adjuster information as well as the notes on the job, but Quackbooks can't.  Notes in the RO like "Bob says the check is in the mail" can be pretty important when you're trying to collect money.  CC3 with integrated accounting cross references right from the A/R Ledger line the claim # and adjuster name, with one button push right to the header of the Repair Order, so you have the customer and insurance company phone # and info right in front of you - which makes collecting money easy and fast.  And with the other guys' software, don't even think about scanning in an invoice when you're posting a cost to an RO, and expect to see a copy of that invoice in a Quackbooks journal or A/P ledger where you will probably need it.  With Quackbooks you can expect more paper, boxes of paper, more effort, and less profit. CC3 is OEM auto body software made for your body shop, made to make you money, with less effort. 

That's right, cross-reference all your autobody job costing invoices and checks right into your body shop management system.  Need a copy of that invoice so you can email it to the adjuster, no problemo.  Can't find a copy of that check, look in the journal, it's right there on the screen, just click the line.  Need to print it out, email it, or fax it ?  It's easy with CC3.  It's all here and now, all documents permanently scanned and archived.  Easy to install and use with the fastest user interface in the business.  Track all parts costs and returns. Complete with a Cieca Bridge to Mitchel, CCC, and Audatex estimating systems.  The funny thing is that big shops and small shops need the same things - simple powerful jobcosting and accounting autobody software with the best phone and online tech support in the business.

You wouldn't expect anything less from Combined Computer Technology. Our tablet application leads the industry helping you drive productivity from the shop floor.  We've been leading the auto body software industry for over 18 years with superior technology up and running in shops from Alaska to Florida, New York to California. For example, we're the largest supplier of autobody software in Texas with more installs in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio than anyone else.  If there is any doubt in your mind, download our demo, and have us take you for an online drive around the software. Software Customization on demand as well !  Try to get that from the other guys !  Call us on the phone and we'll install the software and do the demo remote control, it's easy.  Check out our competitors and find out how long they've been in the business, whether they truly understand accounting and jobcosting in a body shop, and whether they themselves have ever worked in a shop or painted a car.  Yes we do and yes we have - Greg Babbitt, Karl Sanders, Greg Burns, Jeff Lezberg, Troy Lucas, and Stuart McColl - all career oriented autobody software experts, all over the country, all the time.  Call Stuart McColl right now at 360-582-0202 and get started today !