Computers and Networks: XE "Computers and Networks\:"  XE "Computers and Networks\:"

We prefer Microsoft Windows and Server Technology.  CC3 can run on Windows 98 in a peer to peer configuration.  CC3 can run on Novell.  CC3 is written in Microsoft Visual Foxpro so it is designed to run on the largest possible spectrum of equipment and configurations. 

It all comes down to horsepower, and to get CC3 or any program to run fast, you want the fastest possible computers, although you can use older computers.  The slowest part of the program is the processing of the scanned images (invoices, checks, authorizations, etc).  When you really get CC3 cranking, you’ll become addicted to scanning every piece of paper into it.  Soon, ROs will have sometimes 20 pieces of paper posted to them.  It takes a fast computer to throw 20 images up on the screen and allow you to fax/print/email (via Outlook) them with speed.  So obviously, we advise you to acquire the fastest computers your are capable of affording, because we know you’ll get good use out of them.

That said, you need to understand Terminal Services XE "Terminal Services"  from Microsoft.  It works like this, because Microsoft, unlike Novell, owns both the networking technology and the Windows operating system, they are able to offer their Windows Operating system built into a fileserver.  That means, that through the internet, from anywhere on the internet, you can hit your server and operate it like a workstation.  None of this Novell hassle with PCAnywhere and all this “is the workstation ready for my remote call” hassle.  You just enter the static IP # of your shops file server, enter your user name and password, and your in.  You can clear payables and write checks from a remote computer while you are able to see and verify the scanned invoice images that are available from within the payables ledger itself.  You can post time to ROs, and close ROs, etc.,  etc., etc.  More body shops are using Terminal Services than all other remote connection tools combined.   The amazing thing is that Terminal Service is included for free in the Windows Server software.

Security ?  You have to have your router properly configured to forward the ports directly to the Windows Server, and the Windows Server handles all the security.  We can give you or your technician tips on how best to configure your network.  It’s not difficult, and requires no special training, but you just have to have a basic plan.  If you have questions, please contact us through our website at .

Printers: XE "Printers\:"

Any Microsoft Windows compatible printer should work.  You should be able to pick any printer or fax driver setup in Windows and print to it from CC3.  For Parts label printing we’ve had good luck with the Dymo 330, and you can buy those everywhere like Staples for instance.  There is a picture of the Dymo 330 in the Parts chapter toward the back of the manual.


Twain compatible scanners work with CC3.  We cannot guarantee this on every single scanner in the world, but we havn’t found any “twain compatible” scanners that don’t work either.  It’s safe to say “most scanner’s will work with CC3”.  We like Visioneer scanners specifically the XP200.  Incidently, don’t buy the XP100, it’s not tough enough for the body shop environment, and certain fail early.  The XP200 is heavy duty and there is no warm up cycle like most other scanners.  You want a fast scanner like the XP200 so when you are quickly posting an invoice or check, it only takes another 5 seconds to scan the document in.  You should be able to buy them either online, and/or from Visioneer directly.  You can hit their site at .  However, we’ve also scene some very effective printer/scanner/fax/copier machines that are very affordable and work well – the Brother 8500 is a very cost effective printer that doesn’t take up a lot of room and does all 4 of those jobs.  That kind of combined unit is especially good for a parts guy.  You can get the Brother 8500 for something around $300.    The bottom line is that you want a fast scanner that can fire right off when you want to scan something in, not wait and warm up.  These 2 units do that.  If you have any questions about what might be a good scanner, contact us in advance – .



The bottom line is that installing CC3 is easy and simple, you can download the demo from our website at .  The bottom bottom line is that if you can’t simply download and install the demo software yourself off the website, then the next easiest thing is to just plain call us.  Converting the demo to a live piece of software requires just a few simple codes.  We answer the phone more or less 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and installation of the software this way rarely takes more than 5 minutes.  If we were to try to document every possible way to install it on every possible system, then that would take several pages of technical jargon we don’t want to write down, and you don’t want to read.  Plus, systems and networks change faster than this documentation can keep up, so just give us a call.  We’ve had the same number for several years 360-582-0202, and also 214-432-6114, and you can also hit us on the website for our email addresses, downloads, tech support, etc.  The permanent tech support email address is .