Combined Computer Technology, CCT, scanner Xp200 driver uninstall notes:


There are 4 sections to uninstalling the xp200 drivers.  This is typically done because a previous version that is inferior to the most current was installed, or there was a problem with the installation of the driver, and/or the scanner no longer works correctly.


Note that there is a Scanner Source button in the Setup area of CC3 where you can select the Visioneer Twain driver, as compared to the WIA or drivers installed for other devise like cameras on your computer.  It is a common problem for instance that many Dell Computers come with a preinstalled camera driver that will conflict with CC3’s Twain driver, and that is whether you buy a camera from Dell or not..  In this example from Dell, by default, the “scanner” is the camera driver from Dell, so you have to change that default by going into CC3> Setup/Edit List>Scanner Source Check and then choose the Visioneer/Twain option.  Sometimes it won’t say “twain”, but one thing is sure, it is not WIA, and not “camera driver”.


  1. Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Imaging Devices > Rt-Click Strobe XP > Uninstall.   Then unplug the scanner.
  2. Start > Run > enter “Twain_32”, then delete the “XP” folder, leave the WIA folder.
  3. Windows > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > “Visioneer XP200 Program”.
  4. Start > Run > enter “regedit” > HkeyLocalMachine > System > Current Control Set > ENUM > USB and delete any folder with the characters “VID_04a7”. If you can’t delete the folder, you need to go to your permissions panel and increase your permissions so you can, or call technical support.


And for you interested in the mechanics of the Registry, note that “04a7” is the actual vendor ID number Microsoft happens to have assigned Visioneer.  Luckily, CCT keeps things so simple in software end of the world, we don’t have any registry issues, and don’t have any need of a vendor ID number like that.


All that done, to install Visioneer’s absolutely latest version of their XP200 drivers, you can get them off their website where you will find a file called XP200.EXE .   And note you don’t need to install the Visioneer CD at all, and installing the XP200.EXE driver will do you just fine with CC3, as it contains the XP200 Twain drivers CC3 needs.  The CD includes the PaperPort program, which allows you some graphic image management independent of CC3.  It’s an advanced program, that you typically don’t need.